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Consumer Confidence Reports

Regulated Contaminants in Drinking Water

Every year, Apple Valley Heights County Water District notifies all customers of the prior year's water sample results.  This report, the Consumer Confidence Report, once completed, is posted on the district's website with a link printed on your water invoice.  The district also paper mails and will this year include an email to inform our customers.  The report is pinned on the message board out of the district office, with additional copies available in the office. The annual water quality report is required to be sent to the customer no later than June 30th.

The file below includes California’s maximum contaminant levels (MCLs), detection limits for purposes of reporting (DLRs), and public health goals (PHGs) from the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Federal MCLs and Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLGs) (USEPA) are also displayed for comparison.


Annual Water Quality Reports

2022 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf2021 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf2020 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf2019 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf
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