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Water Rates, Fees, and other Charges

Water Rate

$20.75 Base Rate includes 0 cubic feet

$8.00 Surcharge

$17.00 Capital Improvement Fee

$3.70 per unit for 0-800 cubic feet

$5.20 per unit for 900-3500 cubic feet

$6.70 per unit for 3500-8000 cubic feet

$8.20 per unit for over 8000 cubic feet


Fees and other charges 

$20.00     Past Due Tag – Notification                                      

$50.00    Turn off Tags -Non-payment                                      

$25.00    Turn off meter - Customer Request                       

$25.00    Turn on Meter – Customer Request                      

$25.00    Returned Check fee – all Checks*                         

                    (* Plus, the bank fee)

After two returned checks within one year billing period, the customer will be required to pay in cash, money order or cashier check for a period of one year following the second returned check

                 Fire Hydrant Use – Charged at 2x rates

$37          Lien Release   Rate + Notary Fee -- Currently       

$50           Will Serve Letters                                                             

$180         Customer Account Deposits                                   

$35.38      Inactive Accounts                                                           

$30           Standby Assessments – per acre --       

$10,042    Capital Connection Fee

$2,000      Deposit  --  Water Meter + Service Line installation (Actual Cost)                


If you choose to use our 3rd party for online payments their fees are listed here

Standard Credit Card Transactions: Percent Rate of 2.90% of the transaction plus flat fee of $0.30

Paid in full by Customer.  Credit Card Transaction Fees are collected in a second transaction.

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