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Live Like a Desert Native​​

Image with text "Save Water! Live Like a Desrt Native"

 We are in a historic time dealing with water use. It’s going to require all of us to adapt to new ways of living…and to incorporate lasting life-style changes if we’re going to live sustainably and comfortably into the future.  We all need to be aware of one basic fact: We live in the desert. Our deserts support a higher diversity of plants and animals than most other places on earth. In spite of the stressful extremes of weather and climate, a huge variety of native desert creatures have lived here successfully for eons.  These plants and animals don’t just survive here, they thrive. 


How have they done it?  What’s their secret? How do we achieve the goal of living comfortably and successfully in the desert? 

Slide show presentation from AWAC "Save Water! Live Live A Desert Native"

Mojave Water Agency-AWAC

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